Acrylic Nemeses

Well, this has gone according to prior form–all fired up about something maybe ripe for the blog mines, two posts and then a long silence. I may have to come to the conclusion that I’m just too slow a crafter for blogging, or perhaps simply too flighty in my enthusiasms. (Pretty sure I am not flighty, actually; kept grounded by the weight of my own expectations, more likely.)

The Zero Entertainment Budget Afghan never happened, albeit about twenty squares of varying sizes did which are languishing in a box under the very chair on which I am sitting typing. I did eventually get rid of the Horrible Teal Acrylic by handing the remainder of one full ball into Wild and Woolly‘s Stash Sale along with some eyelash yarn, a ball of Rowan leftover from Hetty’s blanket, and the last of the really quite lovely baby pink Jäger 4ply from deep stash I used for Nila at the Wheel (never did get a good picture of that one, sorry). Ironically, I am about to order some more teal acrylic for Other Sister’s Mermaid Tail Afghan; however acrylic has come on a fair bit and the Stylecraft Special stuff is perfectly usable and no comparison at all to the Horrible Teal Acrylic of old. Huzzah!

The Iceland trip I put myself onto Zero Entertainment Budget for in the first place did happen as planned, and indeed we have been back again once more since (it’s awesome). The Stash Unfucking, I am pleased to report, for once went entirely according to plan and all the projects listed in my last post have been completed to the terms set out therein. My entertainment budget recovered in the end, as has my yarn stash: it’s now full of more carefully selected skeins of scrumptious, usable quality and there are (at the moment) very few skeins which are not already intended for particular projects.

In a rather unfortunate development for the available storage space in our home, I have also added a whole new flavour of stash in the meantime: fibre. For spinning. Loads. It’s very hard to resist all that amazing, brilliant, gorgeous fluff! I took up spinning in November 2014 on a drop spindle (taught at Wild and Woolly by the wonderfully enablingcouraging Jane Lithgow), acquired a couple more spindles in the following months, and finally bought a wheel at the end of August 2015. Of course I’m just as slow at this as I am at other crafts, so while I am happily spinning away at things, the accumulated stash is already approaching what is commonly termed SABLE – Stash Acquisition Beyond Life Expectancy. Put it this way: if I have to slash the entertainment budget to zero again, I won’t have to fall back on acrylic yarn for, oh, EVER.

With this rather giddy thought, I shall leave you to return to my current stash-maintenance project, a Cabernet being done in–you guessed it–leftover acrylic…


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