The Great Stash Unfucking 2014

I always do this, start a blog because I’m really fired up about something, and then never use it. Welp, here goes nothing.

Moving in with my lovely Manbeast recently, I culled my possessions like a champion, albeit only partly due to space constraints (his place is big enough for the two of us, but not really big enough for the two of us and our stuff). My stash of assorted yarn accumulated over ten years and across three countries, however, remained unculled and was moved in its motley entirety.

A Stash Reckoning is in order.

In a rare moment of Functioning Adult, I went through and recced the whole tangle and assigned projects for nearly all of the current lot. The five main ones are:

  • as many Afghan squares as I can get out of several balls of Horrible Teal Yarn or as many as I can stomach until I want to scream, whichever happens first (project ZEBA–Zero Entertainment Budget Afghan, on which hopefully more soon)
  • a reknit of Autumn in Garrison in Casbah Handmaiden Morgana (which I made as a companion piece to my Haruni years ago and decided to frog and redo due to the impossibly tight brim, entirely my fault because I am incapable of binding anything off loosely; I have since learned Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind-Off, so feel it’s worth another go, because I would actually wear this if only it fit my big noggin.)
  • a crochet StashosaurusStegosaurus to use up a bunch of different coloured DK left over from a baby blanket
  • an In The Pink to be done in Schoppel-Wolle Zauberball
  • and the thing I have on the needles currently, Nila At The Wheel (which will get its own post with pictures and some gnashing of teeth)

So that’s A Plan, which should a) leave a greatly thinned-out Basket Of Woolly Good, Bad, and Ugly; and b) keep me occupied for a good long while without boring me to tears, because almost all of these will teach me something new.



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