Good morning!

Hello. Hi.

I like knitting and crocheting and I love Ravelry as a database*, but I’m a wordy sort, so sometimes I like to blather on about stuff at length and for that, Rav’s format doesn’t work for me. Therefore, An Blog.

Occasionally I try to bake things, which usually turns out at least perfectly edible, if seldom pretty.

Occasionallier** I attempt Other Crafts, such as chainmaille and beading and housecraft***, so that sort of thing may also end up here.

So hi. Hello.

*I also love databases, because data + order & logic. Oh, and I’m ellaria over there.

**It’s a word now.

***Like pubcraft and tubecraft, it’s a craft in the magical sense. Mind you, all craft is basically magic, producing something that wasn’t there before.


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